'The Goddess' 

Was created and carved in white Carrera marble during my visit and work in Pietrasanta ,Italy.

Pietrasanat's marble is one of the finest ,and a home to great masters   .

                                                  'Her Wings'

Created and Carved is red marble from Portugal mounted on black marble base


 'Reclining Women' in Orange alabaster on black marble base -Available- 

       'Merging Love" Gold alabaster on marble base.


"Moments in Time' in pink marble.Created and carved in Pietrasanata, Italy 


Reclining woman in black marble on white marble base


'The tulip' in orange  alabaster on marble base

- Available-

'Mother' Alabaster on marble base from Borego Spring California  -Available-

Torso" green alabaster on marble base -  Sold -

Torso, pink alabaster - Sold-

First Born-  Red marble from Portugal on with marble base.  

Untitled-  Alabaster -Sold-

  Untitled ' Black Marble -Availeble

'One' Alabaster -Sold-

Embrace - In pink alabaster  -Available