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                                                 'The Goddess' 
Was created and carved in white Carrera marble during my work in Pietrasanta ,Italy.
Pietrasanat's marble is one of the finest ,and a home to great masters   .

                                                  'Her Wings'

Created and Carved is red marble from Portugal mounted on black marble base


 'Reclining Women' in Orange alabaster on black marble base -Available- 

       'Merging Love" Gold alabaster on marble base.


"Moments in Time' in pink marble.Created and carved in Pietrasanata, Italy 


Reclining woman in black marble on white marble base


'Reclining Women' - Row stone

'The tulip' in orange  alabaster on marble base

- Available-

'Mother' Alabaster on marble base from Borego Spring California  -Available-

Torso" green alabaster on marble base -  Sold -

Torso, pink alabaster - Sold-

First Born-  Red marble from Portugal on with marble base.  

Untitled-  Alabaster -Sold-

'One' Alabaster -Sold-

  Untitled ' Black Marble -Availeble

Embrace - In pink alabaster  -Available 

        The Vagina Monologue -Sold 

                   The Crown

    Surrender  - Alabaster stone -Available 

   Two Faces -Gray alabaster on granite stone base.

    Back view                                  The Guardian                            Front view

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