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            Little did they know


This ugly little girl is very beautiful inside.

The messy hair, the big nose, and the ragged clothes,

are her divine grace in disguise.

They must have been in the dark,

as heavy disappointment invaded the room

at the moment of her birth:

              A girl ?  Not a boy!

And so homely... not a beautiful one!

Who will want her ...who will marry her?

Sad, so sad for them ...They lowered their heads!

No need to announce, and to celebrate.

It is what it is, and they had only one hope.

The next pregnancy, the next child.

May God be willing will a boy.

And so 

This mighty, beautiful little girl always lived 

Deep in my heart . 

Strong like a rock filled with divine wit.

Traveled the world of wonder, to humbly grow and learn .


Settled among mountains, trees, and birds

Often she speaks their language, feels their heartbeats.

Dances in their delight, sings their songs.

She inhales beauty, exhales freedom.

And then she creates!


She rambles in this rhythm, embracing the wind.

People ask who is she ? and how does she do it ?

No one knows, not even she...

I am

The divine’s instrument

As the songs of the Gods play me

I walk in the rhythm of nature

I write the words to remember

Sculpt and carve in stone

I engrave the messages

Locate and reveal the beauty

I surrender, get out of the way

Allow but not stand still

I must be aware, awake

Listen and trust

Love not fear

Brings forth the glory,

The excellence that lays in us all

Live love and be loved.

This must be heard

With utmost gratitude

Undivided one with Source

I am, you are, all


Sara shai/ 2020



Sara is an artist, author, fashion designer, teacher and a business owner.

Above all her commitment is to inspire through her creativity, and 

to spread her love for beauty. 

She worked as a journalist and teacher in Israel and California, and continues to teach to this day. She is the founder and producer of the annual "Honoring Life Event" following the release of her book

'Beautiful in Black a novel based on her life experience. 

The book is available on Amazon  and as an audible under the title

"One Marriage in Tel-Aviv"

Sara was raised in Israel and grew up during the struggle for freedom and independence. Those events left a deep impression on the artist, molding her personality and shaping her dreams.  Her biography reveals her challenge to persevere as a little girl, growing up in a dysfunctional household , to become resilient and whole woman.


Her art work offers a fresh look at the human figure.  For her, the raw stone and the still words are frozen moments waiting to come to life. 

 She carves in alabaster and marble, paint in oil, acrylic and multi-media. She is a firm believer in in the remarkable ability of art and creativity to renew and regenerate the human spirit.

 Sara’s art is poetic and lyrical, and her engagement with the material is strong yet innocent. It is often rich with emotional metaphor. 

In the early 1990s, Sara began her training with the multi-media artist Manny Kremaer,and studied figure molding and shaping . 

With Harriet Hachberg and the historian Bernice Schachter she began stone carving .

 She worked in Pietrasanta, Italy, in 1999, where she carved in marble .  Pietrasanta is recognized by sculptors around the world for its exquisite marble and artistic legacy.

In 1978, Sara launched her fashion business in LA. She expressed her love for fashion, creativity and business by opening her first boutique, 'Sara’s Fashion' in Beverly Hills.

 In 1985, she spent a year in Europe learning about multi-media and absorbing the influence of the great masters of art and fashion.

In 1986  once again flexed her business muscles opened

'Sara’s Designers Outlet' Located in central San Fernando Valley, and  'Sara’s Designers' –  in Toluca Lake and Woodland Hills. 

The Los Angeles Times wrote, “The proprietor’s flare for fashion…emanates from her artistic talents.”  

 Exhibits and Awards

 1978    Certificate of Appreciation for LACC Cooperative Education                   program, Los Angeles City College – Los Angeles, CA

 1993    “Every Woman’s Village” – Van Nuys, CA

 1995     Artist Exhibits – Jupiter, FA

             Sculptor Symposium – Seattle, WA

 1995    "sculptures creative day - Oregon

 1996    Golden State Sculptors Association exhibit–Thousand Oaks,CA       1997    Marble work in  Pietresanta – Italy

 1998    Golden State Sculptors’ Association award for “Merging Love” –              Jocelyn Fine Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

1999    Sephardim Art, A Search for Identity exhibit, Sproul Hall Library,              UCLA – Los Angeles, CA  

1999     Viva 3D at the Viva Gallery Northridge , LA 

1999    Israeli Independence Day Festival Art Exhibit – Los Angeles, CA

2000    Moments in Time Exhibit – Los Angeles, CA

2002    Art Axhibit -Benefit for the Susan G. Koman Foundation,                          Sebastian Corporate    Head Quarter –    Woodland Hills, CA

2002    Pierce College Theater and Art Show – Woodland Hills, CA

2002    The Vagina Monologues theater and arts Development-A

2003   Art Exhibit – Topanga Gallery - LA 

           “Figurative Expressions” exhibit, Topanga Canyon Gallery–

              Topanga, CA

 2003    Soho Gallery exhibit – Studio City, CA

 2003    Benefit for Susan G Koman - Santa Monica CA


2004    Art show, The California Market Center – Los Angeles, CA

2005    Book Publishing workshop  with Dan Poynter -Santa Barbara  

2005    CrisNet- Report Writner

2006    Publishing ‘Beautiful in Black” Book Release  

2006    Guest speaker and book signing at the

            Nova Southeastern University -  Forth Lauderdale , Florida         


2006    Art exhibit, Beverly Hilton Hotel – Beverly Hills, CA

            Art exhibit, USA Today Hollywood Hero award show. 

             Beverly Hills, CA

2006     Creating and Producing 'The Honoring life Event"

             It's Purpose to increase awareness and spread the word that 

              is worth living . Acknowledge people that have risen above

             tragedies to create a purpose driven life. 

 2006    First annual “Honoring Life Event,” The Art House Gallery –                      Santa Monica, CA

 2007   Second annual "Honoring Life Event - Blue Sky Chateau  

 2008   Third annual " Honoring Life Event - at the 'WhiteFire Theatere.

 2009    Publishing the e-book “The Little Girl on The Sand Hill

 2011    Publishing the e- book ‘Cinderella’s Secret Diary 1659”


2012    Art Exhibit “Dream on Canvas” at the Four Seasons Hotel’                          Thousand Oaks California

2014     Topanga Canyon Art Exhibit 

2016   Publishing Kindle -Audible book  -"One Marriage in Tel Aviv"

2018   Art Exhibit - San Fernando Valley Art and Cultural Center

2019  Book Reading - She-lon. Women's Autumn Artist' Salon. 

2022  Art Exhibit -      Blue Sky Chateau - Woodland Hill, Ca

2023  Art Exhibit -  McGroarty Art Center  - Tujunga , Ca

2023 Art Exhibit -  Las Laguna Gallery - Laguna Beach

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