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                                       Why this story?

Because reality, after all, is far more piercing than any fiction our mind could create.

I had the uncontrollable desire to stand tall, place my feet deeply into the ground, pull my entire life energy and walk in the midst of Love and Hate, blame and shame, life and death and let my voice be heard. 


Come with me and witness one woman’s journey. See the human ability to rise from the ashes and transcend even the most devastating tragedy.

A message of courage arises as I move forward through the rubble, get up when stumble and believe that the light in the end of the tunnel is always on.

Realizing in the process, that not only did I have the ability to find myself, but also the ability to free myself.


I found writing to be a most comforting tool. In times of turmoil and uncertainty, when trust and tranquility were rare, and life become hard to tolerate.

I would take the pen and start the writing process. But soon I would be overwhelmed by my re-collection and realize that, in fact, it was far more difficult to bear the influence of my reality then I had originally thought. Then I would put my pen aside and hope that I would be able to let go of its contents.


But the truth was that this story kept on demanding my attention and insisted on being told. I felt that I was no longer the one who owned the story, rather that the story owned me.


Finally I decided not to resist and actually allowed myself to fully encounter my past, open my heart and bring the book to completion.

This created an enormous opportunity not only for me but, potentially for many others as well. It became my intention to use my story to shed light on life’s events that many may choose to keep in the dark.


'One Marriage in Tel Aviv' is the  Audiobook based on the original novel 'Beautiful in black'

by Sara Shai 

Narrator by :Tova Ott.

Available on Audible Amazon 

   Cinderella’s Secret Diary 1659

                       By:  Sara Shai


 Copyright 2011 by: Sara Shai

Edited by: Susan Ball

Cover Design by: Laura Shinn

Formatted by: Laura Shinn

 This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This ebook may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this ebook with other people, please purchase an additional copy for each person. All rights are reserved under Federal copyright laws and it is illegal to copy, scan, mechanically, or digitally reproduce this book for sharing or resale without the express written permission of the author or publisher.

Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.

tory Description

Although the legendary Cinderella has given hope and inspiration to many girls throughout the ages and around the world, one cannot overlook the high price we pay when we attempt to fit ourselves into the fairy tale mold. The truth finally is revealed. Her diary tells all.

Cinderella, like so many women, is confronted with many difficulties, and even breakdowns. Her life with Prince Charming is no piece of cake.

Then, in one sleepless night, driven by her greatest pain, she has an epiphany—a burst of understanding that tells her perhaps the angst in her life exists due only to her perspective; it may well be her resistance which creates conflict and injury. Cinderella realizes she holds the power over her life, love, and peace—in her own hands.

She realizes triumph in her life will not be complete until she brings ‘Happily Ever After’ to reality, through her own efforts.


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